Our Activity Spectrum

Architectural engineering and interior design projects with 3D computer modeling and photorealistic visualization (creation of static images and videos), computer design, development and making of advertising and information material models, photography, project management.

Our potential customers are architects, designers, developers (investors and builders), companies and private individuals, manufacturers and sellers of interior objects (furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.), manufacturers and sellers of construction and decoration materials, as well as many others.

Advantages of working with us are in the fact that 3D modeling and photorealistic visualization technology offered by us saves money and time for the customer, giving him or her the opportunity to view the object as close to reality as possible already at the sketch designing phase, take a precise pick of color solutions and decoration materials, specify the details, shape and size of all elements to the smallest detail, design and see the site general layout, fit the object being designed into the actual existing environment, develop lighting schemes for architectural objects, develop interiors of the premises with varying degree of detail, actually existing and individually designed decoration materials, furniture, lighting fixtures and other interior objects.

We offer our customers a flexible pricing policy depending on the volume, complexity and urgency of the work to be fulfilled by us and guarantee total confidentiality of information received from the customers.

The goal of working with us is normally the choice of an optimum color and space solution for the object already in the sketch design phase, development of advertising and information materials (images and videos) for sales departments, participation in exhibitions, tenders and contests.

A characteristic feature of our projects is high photorealism of visualization, giving the customer a serious competitive advantage which is particularly important when the customers participate in architectural and design project tenders and contests.

In addition we can develop and produce models of advertising and information materials for sales departments, develop and produce models for printing, implement photographic capture of required objects and ambient environment, perform project management and field supervision to ensure precision of project execution.

Among our current partners there are a Finnish architectural bureau with many years of unique experience in the area of economically profitable panel housing construction, a Russian architectural engineering bureau providing architectural and engineering design services for residential and public buildings for many years, an Italian interior design studio, a monumental painting and wall and ceiling decoration studio, woodwork design studio creating unique projects of furniture and design objects, and others.

We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation and business partnership.